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Digitization of processes and Business Intelligence

SSUSA, a company focused on transportation and logistics services for both light and heavy cargo, has over 10 years of experience in the market and has distinguished itself through excellent customer service and innovative business processes.


At Gemthum, we collaborated to implement a digital solution for SSUSA that allowed them to digitize the entire process, starting from customer service requests, through service operations, all the way to invoicing and collection.


By implementing this solution, which includes Business Intelligence capabilities, they were able to transform data into information and indicators that provide answers to key questions such as:


  • What is the profit margin? And by project.

  • How much is accounts receivable? Grouped by aging segments.

  • How much has been collected and from whom?

  • Trends in sales, invoicing, and collection behavior.


Integrated Power System

Digitizing workflows with Smartsheet

IPS implemented and adopted Smartsheet as a solution that allows it to digitize administrative workflows, with the main benefit of generating data and information to measure and control associated business processes.


Among the main workflows that digitized are:

  • Control of preventive maintenance to the company's vehicle fleet.

  • Request for stationery by department in the company.

  • Monitoring and control of annual staff training.

  • Purchase order approval flow.

Almacenes BST
(Bostons Franchisee)

Software integration

Almacenes BST faced the challenge of providing their customers with the ease of obtaining their consumption bill from any location in the world.


At Gemthum we develop the solution that automatically obtains consumption data to generate a customer reference, achieving satisfaction by obtaining your consumption bill from any location, complying with the current tax provisions of the SAT (Tax Administration System).


The main benefits of this integration are:


  • Customer satisfaction.

  • Generating data and information for decision-making.

  • Reduction of manual work by 90% to 100%.


Ing. Benjamin Muñoz
Lic. Silvia Rendón


By applying our service model in your company, we guarantee:

  • Simplify the way of doing things

  • Innovate your processes

  • Make your operations efficient

  • Increase the productivity of your work teams

  • Save resources (time, money and people)

  • Streamline decision making

  • Increase consistency, integrity and information security

  • Have a presence in your target market

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