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Simple, easy and without interruptions. 


Freshworks helps businesses engage their customers and employees quickly and easily.

This is a CRM (Customer Relationship Management in Spanish) that takes a modern approach to how companies discover, engage with, and gain value from software throughout their journey.


  • Efficiently manage your customer database

  • Optimize collaboration and communication between departments

  • Improve follow-up of sales opportunities

  • Generate data analysis reports to make informed decisions.

  • among many more


The services that Freshworks has are: 


• Freshdesk Omnichannel Suite: Delight your customers with easy omnichannel service.

• Freshdesk Support Desk:A comprehensive support service for exceptional customer service.

•Freshchat: Chatbot-centric messaging support for today's digital customers.

Freshdesk Contact Center: A reliable and intelligent call center solution for a simple customer experience.

• Freshdesk Customer Success: Protect your income and increase the total value of your customers and strengthen your relationships with them.


• Fresh sales: Increase your revenue quickly with context-based sales. 


• Fresh Desk Marketer: Personalize your marketing with simple and powerful automations.


• Freshsales Suite: Unite sales and marketing around the customer with an all-in-one CRM.


• FreshService: Restructures the management of its IT services

• Fresh Team: Modernize your HR department with a unified digital experience.

We are Partners and Resellers, This allows us to deliver these products tailored to your needs.

Be part of the digital transformation

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